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Distance Learning

In a situation as unstable as the present one, where the Covid-19 has imposed changes on our society, is where the teaching team of the Colegio Inglés has been up to the task.

Through Classrooms, we have continued with our online classes from Infant to 4th ESO, on a daily basis but without overloading either the family or the students. In our meetings as delegates, the students have told us their concerns and needs. The academic load has been balanced with more entertaining activities such as weekly challenges, game afternoons, quizzes, competitions and debates, even collaborating with other centres of the IEP group.

On the other hand, we have to recognize that families and the continuous contact with them have been key to ensure the best possible performance of our students, as well as to keep them informed of the school's decisions as they develop.

Having already entered Phase I, we hope to be able to continue a safe de-escalation to meet again after the summer, ready for another school challenge from which we will undoubtedly emerge again.



Colegio Inglés Zaragoza | 2021
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