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English immersion from the age of three


Early Childhood Education is a basic, essential stage in the development of all children in regard to their future lives. At Colegio Inglés Zaragoza we seek to guide and care for our students in their early years, maximising their abilities and directing their learning process to achieve full emotional, psychomotor, social, and moral development.

At our British Infant School, being immersed in an environment where communication is in English, children develop language in a natural way, similar to how they do in their mother tongue. Our students also study reading and writing in Spanish. In this way, when the stage comes to an end they excel in both English and Spanish.


The British Curriculum

The British curriculum sets clear objectives for the knowledge, comprehension, and skills required in each subject. Moreover, at our Nursery School we adapt to the individual rhythms and needs of each child, as we are well aware that development happens at different rates.

In this educational stage, between the ages of 3 and 5, knowledge and progressive control of one’s own body is worked on. Classes are developed through playing and movement in a safe and motivating environment.

To contribute to their emotional development, coexistence and relationships with others are essential. Language development, introduction to mathematics, creativity, and artistic expression are all key to their school experience during these early years.

International Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff, made up of native professionals with international experience guides our youngest students and remains at their side in these early years of school life. We know that children learn by having fun and our classes are filled with positive energy. Activities are specifically designed to attract and excite young children, comfortably challenging them to go beyond their goals.

The learning environment is calm and respectful, full of praise and encouragement as well as celebrations and rewards, which are used to create a positive attitude toward learning.


Emotional well-being

The emotional well-being of our students is of crucial importance, especially for the boys and girls who are starting their school years at our school. Our priority is to make sure they are happy and feel safe so that learning can happen naturally. The goal is for our Nursery School to be a home away from home, replicating a warm and friendly environment.

Continous learning

Children have fun learning through play, which is carefully planned to meet clear objectives in an environment of English immersion. Our exciting curriculum is designed to maximise the curiosity and creativity that comes naturally to children. Youngsters develop an innate enthusiasm for learning by taking part in activities that are based on what children their age are typically interested in.

Open environments

We know that the environment plays a key role in children’s development. Our classrooms are spacious, bright and welcoming, with easy access to the outdoor area and bathrooms. Classrooms are arranged in such a way that they encompass different areas that can stimulate and maximise children’s learning.