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At this stage, our students discover, build, and organise their knowledge, with expert input from their teachers, putting special focus on reading, oral and written expression, calculation and mathematics, working from the perspective of cooperative learning. To ensure their comprehensive education, we follow their maturation process attentively, staying right by their side to meet their emotional, social, physical, and cultural needs.

Exceptional Learning in English

English is used as a means of communication throughout the day, both by students and school personnel. In primary school, students continue developing the English knowledge that was previously introduced in the early childhood education stage so they can use it during the majority of their school day. Starting from Year 3 of primary school, our students’ English proficiency is accredited externally by Cambridge Assessment English. Cambridge Assessment English.

Our primary school students are quite capable of thinking and reasoning in English. They continually develop their critical thinking and problem- solving skills and gain the ability to explain ideas and feelings that are increasingly complex in nature. Students are expected to use their English skills throughout the day, and are offered a wide range of opportunities to do so within the curriculum. The constant interaction with members of our multicultural teaching team, who have lived and worked in foreign countries, helps our students develop an excellent knowledge and understanding of Anglo-Saxon culture as well as the English language.

Personalised Learning

Enriched curriculum

The excellence in our educational methodology comes from the synergy between traditional methods and current ones, which is focused on making the knowledge learned by our students relevant for their daily lives. We integrate the latest technologies into our classrooms, such as Chromebooks or Clevertouch interactive touchscreens, but these are just one more medium, a support to make learning more dynamic and aligned with the world in which our students are developing. As a result, they show early development of abilities such as being creative and analytical in their approach to learning.

Our curriculum is designed based on a student-centred educational model.. Planned activities respond to individual needs, and their progress is flexible and adapted to new interests and needs. In this way, the teacher can accompany them in taking their next steps, helping them reach the highest levels.

Attention to the student

Guidance and tutoring

The guidance area works closely with the teachers to identify students with potential special learning needs, recommending psycho-pedagogical evaluations when necessary to determine the nature of the student’s needs, and works with teachers to develop individual educational plans (IEP) when necessary. It offers individual and/or group support to students who require it and schedules meetings with families to get involved in the academic process of all the students. J

The weekly tutoring sessions led by the class teacher give our students the chance to be more self-aware, to better understand and manage their emotions, and to practice a wide variety of interpersonal skills.