Lunch Service

At Colegio Inglés we value lunch time as a moment to educate and make students aware of the importance of cultivating healthy eating habits.

Based on the Mediterranean diet and with selected products from local suppliers, our menus are configured in a balanced way so that students not only eat well, but also get used to eating all kinds of food: vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat and fish, so important to the diet.

Accompanying the support staff, the teachers share these moments with the children and make sure that they respect good table manners and, most importantly, learn to eat in a balanced way.

The Early Years students receive their lunch at 12:00 and a snack during the afternoon break. Their Primary and Secondary school mates have a snack during the morning break and eat at 1:00 p.m. and 1:40 p.m. respectively.



We offer families, both for the time of arrival and departure, several bus routes that cover the city of Zaragoza and its surroundings.

With the support of the mobile app Traceus users can also keep track of each route in real time.


Early Birds

To facilitate the reconciliation of family and work life of our families, we offer an early bird service for students who need to arrive before the start of classes at the school. This service starts at 8:00 a.m. and our own staff is in charge of welcoming and accompanying our students until 9:00 a.m. when school starts.

Extracurricular Activities

Colegio Inglés offers a list of extracurricular activities developed by specialized staff and taught in the morning or midday. They are chosen carefully and are the perfect complement to the students' education, as they help them to develop their cognitive, creative, physical and social skills.

The presentation of the contents of each activity to the families takes place in September. Here they can meet the teachers and ask in person any questions about the objectives and methodologies of each activity.

The activities begin in October and end at the end of May.

Although they may vary according to the demand of our families, the following activities are offered on a regular basis:


This activity is planned as a preparation for the official music exams of the Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music (ABRSM), an internationally prestigious music study system.

The ABRSM offers music exams structured by grades or levels for instrument, singing, practical musicality and music theory.

The program for this activity includes two hours a week, one of musical language and another of instrument (piano), given in very small groups.

At the end of the course the students participate in an End of Course Concert for families and teaching staff at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza.

Cognitive development - Discipline - Concentration - Perseverance - Rhythm - Sensitivity

Mandarin Chinese

Since 2006 we have been offering our students the possibility of learning this language as an extracurricular activity. Encouraging a taste for languages and an interest and knowledge of other cultures are the main objectives of this activity.

Throughout the 6 years of Primary the students advance in their command of the language and have the opportunity to prepare and pass the external YCT exams (Youth Chinese Tests ) offered by the Confucius Institute.

Languages - Culture - Cognitive Development - Professional Projection


The main purpose of this activity is to make the world of chess known and to spread it among our students. Our teachers have more than twenty years of experience in chess teaching. We develop: openings, half games, endgames, strategy, quick games, passwords and other series of games.

Every year our School holds its traditional Open Chess Tournament where students from other schools are invited to participate. A great opportunity to put into practice what has been learned and enjoy the game.

Cognitive development - Discipline - Creativity - Memory - Concentration - Self-control


Programming in a graphic environment applied to the control of self-created robots based on Lego Mindstorm models is the perfect excuse to work on a multitude of important personal skills. The challenges, the small advances and setbacks, overcoming frustrations and reaching the final success with a demanding project carried out in a group. It is easy to have fun and learn at the same time.

Cognitive development - Creativity - Problem solving - Teamwork - Professional projection

Computer Science

Children's access to computers is a reality nowadays. Its intuitive use is designed to make it easy for even the youngest children to use, but they are not usually aware of the risks associated with the tool itself, nor do they tend to go beyond what they consider sufficient for their purposes.

The extracurricular computer course introduces children to the use of the mouse and keyboard, the basic rules of typing, file and folder management, basic concepts of image editing, text files, presentations and even spreadsheets. The challenges range from the simple to the more demanding, always with the intention of motivating them to make productive and responsible use of the computer.

Families interested in certifying their children's mastery of Microsoft Office Word or Excel applications can do so at the School by registering them for the official Microsoft Office Specialist exams.

Cognitive development - Creativity - Memory - Responsibility - Professional projection

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Acquire and develop the basic motor skills of rhythmic gymnastics through body expression. Become familiar with the world of gymnastic skills through play, body expression and music. Throughout the academic year our students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in various events that take place in the city of Zaragoza.

Physical Condition - Coordination - Concentration - Discipline - Rhythm - Sensitivity


The Royal Academy of Dance offers an internationally recognised teaching program, with tests designed to motivate and encourage the study of classical dance by students of all ages and levels.

Physical Condition - Coordination - Concentration - Discipline - Rhythm - Sensitivity


Our main objective is to make this martial art known as a sporting activity that promotes personal effort and discipline, such important aspects in the training of children.

Physical condition - Coordination - Concentration - Values - Discipline - Self-control

Nurse Service

We have a nurse during the school day. This service not only covers medical emergencies that may arise on a daily basis, but is a fundamental pillar in the school community as a whole and attends; academic, emotional and social aspects of school life.

In addition to intervening in the first instance in the event of minor incidents, it provides treatment for children with chronic or specific illnesses, and attends to and supports students with other pathologies (allergies, diabetes, asthma, etc.). The service also carries out preventive work and health education for students and teachers.

The nursing service is also fundamental in the application of the protocols for action in the face of emergencies or current or future epidemiological alerts, including the protocols for Covid-19.

Indoor Football

The work methodology in this activity is based on sports training in values, which additionally complements the pedagogical action in the student's training stages. Delivered by Sala Zaragoza.

Physical Condition - Coordination - Concentration - Values - Teamwork
We offer families, both for the time of arrival and departure, several bus routes that cover the city of Zaragoza and its surroundings.

With the support of the mobile app Traceus users can also keep track of each route in real time.

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