Welcome to Our School

Letter From the Director

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the English School of Zaragoza, a welcoming and dynamic family centre, where personal growth is encouraged at the same time as academic excellence.

Less than a year ago IEP included the English School in its group, a growing group with unique schools all over Spain. The identity and essence of this school fit perfectly due to its individualised treatment, its quality of teaching and the English environment in which the student is involved from the age of 3.

Our students have the advantage of benefiting from a bilingual system, an experience that works when working in a natural way, surrounding the child with an English environment. Their second language becomes their vehicle of expression and not a mere subject. To be able to coordinate the Spanish system with the English system, enhancing the natural abilities of children growing up in two languages, is without a doubt one of our hallmarks.

Our educational system promotes the development of other languages outside of school as well. We collaborate with other schools in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA, enriching the lives of our students by offering them exchanges, developing a cultural sensitivity necessary for the future. I have no doubt that they will become the citizens we so badly need for this new world in constant evolution.

We have a young teaching staff who understand the importance of the fusion of our two cultures. All our staff are committed to our educational model, and to the families as well. We are aware that we all want the same thing; we work together for and with the good of our students.

I look forward to your coming to visit us and get to know our facilities.

Natalia Moreno

School Director

Colegio Inglés Zaragoza | 2021
Av. de Movera, 147, 50194 Zaragoza
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