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Welcome to Our School


Michael Wright-Elliott


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Colegio Inglés Zaragoza, a private bilingual school with more than 50 years of experience.

Our centre offers a dynamic and thriving environment in which bilingualism is an essential aspect of our distinctive character. English is used every day as the means of communication, rather than merely being another subject. Under the guidance of highly-experience native teachers, there is total immersion in English from the moment children start at the school. Thanks to an enriching curriculum, our students become competent communicators and critical thinkers in both English and Spanish, giving them a significant advantage in their future professional life.

The Colegio Inglés has a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that is based on strong relationships among our students, teachers, and staff members. As a small school with just one class per year, we place great emphasis on the communication with our families, with all of us working towards the same objective: to offer our students the best possible learning experience so we can help them reach their goals.